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About Us

About Us

Founded in 2004, shenzhen Goodwork Electronics Co.,ltd. is a semiconductor manufacturer and service provider specializing in the development and production of diodes and bridge rectifiers. Headquartered in shenzhen, it has its own brands "GK".

In 2019, the semiconductor factory Jiangsu Goodwork Microelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. was established. Located in Yancheng, and technical personnel and professional management team, comprehensive independent research and development and production.

The company's products include: Ordinary rectifier diodes \ Fast recovery diodes \ High efficiency diodes Super fast recovery diodes \ Schottky diodes \ Transient voltage suppression TVS diodes Voltage regulators \ Rectifier bridge stacks \ Fast bridge stacks and Schottky bridge stack series product.

Our strengths

Wholeheartedly provide high quality products and perfect service for new and old customers

Application area

  • Green lighting

  • Industrial application

  • Computer peripheral

  • Communication products

  • Automotive industry

  • Security electronics

  • Power products

  • Life Electronics

  • Outdoor equipment

Our Honor

Quality assurance

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